It's OK, I'd be grumpy too if I didn't own a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monthly Report Cards: May 2014 Goals

Finish School
I'm aggravatingly close to finishing.

Get as much done on my sewing project as I possibly can
It's going really well! But I can only do so much; to finish I need some things from Canada.

Prepare for going home
This usually includes laundry, packing and housework.

Take the Hobbits to Isengard - Finally!!!
Yes! This is finally happening this month! It's going to be hard, some of the other servers have insanely fast times. I'm so excited for this :) :) :)

Yes! I changed the title of my blog. Or did you notice that? After two and a half years of Every Little Thing (Covered In Pixie Dust) I was finally sick of it. Imagine! Anyways we'll see how long Hello, It's Me Again stays. But for the moment I think it fits almost perfectly.

Monthly Report Cards: April 2014 Report

Play my violin everyday
*Cough* that didn't go well. 0/30

Finish my red dress
Yes! Finally! Once I stopped procrastinating it came together quickly.

Be creative 
Yup, did awesome on this one. Drawing, a little painting, and another sewing project half finished. :D
I painted this among other things:

Have an awesome time with our guests
Yes! This went swimmingly as well.

Read Johanna's here.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Selfie Crazy

Sarah, Quinne, and Quinne's Mom, Chantal came to stay with us for two weeks. We went lots of places, and saw lots of stuff. Quinne and I took a lot a selfies, and of course I had to share mine here. Some of the selfies are extremely grainy, but that's OK. We had an awesome time. :)

 Yay she's here! (first day)

 Gelibolu Saturday bazaar.

At the lighthouse in Gelibolu
Supper in Gelibolu
Next day. On the ferry, headed to Troy (and beyond)

Standing in front of the Brad Pitt trojen horse at Canakkale.

 Troy, outside the creepy cave that we couldn't get into.

 Supper in Selcuk at Memet and Alibaba's Kabab
(I think...)

 Next day: Out side the Library at Ephesus! 

 A selfie of a selfie in the Library. 

 Largest amphatheater of it's kind; Ephesus

 Carpet shop!

Next day: Arrived in Pamukkale!

Hands and feet in the FREEZING hotel pool.
(From left, Me, Johanna, Quinne)

 Ruins at Pamukkale

 Right before singing at the theater.

Standing above the theater at Laodicea

 Bath house, Sardis

A few of the bazillion selfies we took at the hotel
the afternoon we arrived in Bergama

Visiting Pergamon! It was SO windy.
(Nice hair)

The theater of Pergamon

 Headed back home on the ferry

<Insert a few days at home>

 Visiting Uzun Köprü
(Long Bridge)


Standing in line for Topkapı Palace


We found this mirror in the harem of the Topkapı Palace.
Of course we had to take a selfie in the mirror!

 Walking through the Harem

 Feet! (still harem)
I looked back and a bunch of other girls were doing this too. :P

 Hagia Sophia! Seriously, I love this church!
But it makes me sad...

 We ate lunch on the tour at this neat restaurant.
There were lots of lamps, old cameras (!!), and nicknacks

Underground cistern, I'd never been there before.
It was really cool, but the fish were creepy...

At the Hippodrome.
Not much to see there, but the story was interesting.

Blue Mosque.
It's a mosque so us ladies had to cover our heads (yeah OK) and then those of us who we wearing capris/shorts had to put on these robe things (Seriously?).


 Taxi selfie!

Outside the Grand Bazaar

 Supper under the Galata Bridge.
(There was a guy outside who was trying to catch a budgie.
Apparently it had escaped from the bird market.
Once he caught the bird he sent his friend to go buy another budgie and a cage.)

Random selfie in a tiny grocery store
where we were buying chocolate

Last selfies.
These ladies' flight left early so we had to say goodbye the night before.

The light in that room had a motion censer and it kept turning off :P

I can honestly say that I've never taken that many selfies in that time span, my life. It was fun, but I don't want to do that again any time soon!

Friday, April 25, 2014

More Frozen

I've already posted about Frozen, but I just can't help myself! Especially now that Johanna has sent me these amusing pictures...
Plan B by ComickerGirl
(This is just one of many funny comics, drawn by this person )

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

If You Want Our Attention:

Everybody: *crosses the street*
Mom, Dad and Chantal:  *turn right*
Everybody else:  *Doesn't notice and goes the opposit direction*
Chantal: You hoo family!
Everybody else: *Immediately turns around to see what's up*

Laodicea and Lizards

I'm afraid these posts about our road trip are going to be out of order. I'm just really excited to share some pictures! These pictures are from Laodicea, which was an old town near Pamukkale. And also (if I remember correctly) one of the seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation.
Main street 

Oh look, I found a pillar!

While we were visiting there were people who were working at restoring the buildings. 
Quinne came, saw, and conquered

There was this big tent thing with a glass roof.
 You could look down and watch the guys restoring the pillars. 

Some of the pillars were bigger than others. 

Sarah taking pictures.

Two policemen coming to arrest Dad.
No, no I'm kidding! They were just wandering around. 

Johanna made a friend!

Sam showed me where the lizards were, so I took a bazillion pictures. 

The lizards  were really quick! 
But this lizard decided to pose for me and I got this shot. 
Classy lizard.

         I think this is the same lizard :P


I can see at least three lizards under that rock.