It's OK, I'd be grumpy too if I didn't own a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tortoise Spotting

The way I find tortoises is by listening for them. Yup you read right, I said listening.

You see when the little fellow walks he makes a fair amount of noise. So listen for some crackling leaves. And for here, in tallish grass WATCH WHERE YOU STEP, you never know, there might be a snake. I don't think that tortoises are very hard to spot, just follow the sound and keep your eyes peeled.

I believe that the kind of tortoise that we/I have been seeing here are Greek tortoises (Spur-thighed tortoises). But I'm not sure. Most of the ones that I've seen are dinner plate sized. But I found one that fit in my hand too.

Interesting link to Wikipedia about spur-thighed:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flowers ect. (photos)

 Yeah... messing around with my camera
 This is Bobby Cat
 Bobby Cat closer = cool
 Plane windmill
 Sea shell

Another flower

Target Practice

Well about 11 o'clock (am) the army decided that it was time to start target practice. Yippee! From our house it sounds like popping corn. Only it's low, so like corn-thunder or thunder-corn. Whichever you like.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

God Listens

One thing I always find neat is when people talk about how God fulfilled their needs. This is more of a God fulfilled the quiet desires of my heart, and had a good laugh at me too kind of post.
There are a few things that I wanted to do off and on (besides becoming a princess or musician.)

1. I wanted to move to a house that I hadn’t seen beforehand
2. I wanted to live near water
3. I wanted to live in a two story house
4. I wanted to live where it was a bit warmer
5. And I wanted to learn a different language

I think we all know how that worked out; we moved to Turkey!
The other thing is about two falls ago (the fall before last) we helped our friends cover their silage pit (we did that the next year two) and because it wasn’t one of my favorite  jobs on the farm I said jokingly  after wards that I’d be on the other side of the world when it came around again. I had no idea that that would be true….Well we didn’t leave till December the next year but its close enough.  ;)
You truly have to be careful what you say, and what you wish for!

I like...

 ♥ Trees
 ♥ Hugs
 ♥ Cake
 ♥ Snow
 ♥ M & Ms
 ♥ Sparkles
 ♥ Watching Movies
 ♥ Puzzles
 ♥ Drama
 ♥ My violin
 ♥ Taking pictures
 ♥ Rabbits
 ♥ Ice cream
 ♥ Stargazing
 ♥ Feeling loved
 ♥ Baking
 ♥ Texting
 ♥ Listening
 ♥ Helping people
 ♥ Hearing my name
 ♥ Singing
 ♥ Dancing randomly when no one can see
 ♥ Laughing
 ♥ Writing
 ♥ Reading
 ♥ Making movies
 ♥ Dressing up
 ♥ Music
 ♥ Black and white photographs
 ♥ Markers
 ♥ Vintage hairstyles
 ♥ Sharpies
 ♥ Boys who make me laugh
 ♥ Old maps
 ♥ Candles
 ♥ Ocean
 ♥ Hills
 ♥ Making jokes
 ♥ Talking
 ♥ Elves
 ♥ Lanterns
 ♥ Taping things to my wall
 ♥ Old houses
 ♥ Exploring
 ♥ Bubbles
 ♥ Rain
 ♥ Cheese
 ♥ Fall
 ♥ Dresses
 ♥ Getting emails
 ♥ Blogging
 ♥ Puns
 ♥ Swing dancing
 ♥ Doodling
 ♥ Making my own lunch
 ♥ Friends ♥
♥ and Family ♥

Monday, September 24, 2012

Photo Shoot (and a sheep!)

Well, when you spend about 3 hours with your hair in rollers you have to dress up and do a photo shoot.
 Looks like we have a sheep in our flowers again....
 Feeling epic
 In a tree
 (I know it's a weird expression on my face but I had just tripped)
It's preeety
 This one is cool

 I told her: "look at the ant"
The Shakespeare thing
 What is this greenery?!?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Quotes 1

"The Avengers, it's a Marvel!"
-Me to Johanna on the plane

"There is more to life than being really, really, good looking."
- Zoolander

Me: All our games are deleted!
Johanna: Oh?

(Playing Chess with Johanna, Dad is watching me)
[I make a move]
Dad: Nooooooooooooo
Me: What? Oh.....

"Do not wait to strike when the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking."
- William Butler

Me: Dhwiansvahiqwhgs
A Friend: Is that Turkish for "I have chicken wings"?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Istanbul Part 3 (the Most Interesting Happenings)

     The most interesting taxi ride was probably the one from the Hagia Sophia.  We got in,  he drove normally (by that I mean he drove like a Turk, which means REALLY fast ALL the time) until he parked and leaped out of the car and dashed across the street.  Mom and I were very confused about what our driver was up to until Dad’s driver stopped beside us and said ‘toilet.’ Uh… OK.... our driver did come back; but he stopped five seconds later to stop and ask Dad’s driver for a cigarette. THEN he tried to dump us three blocks from our hotel. But we had walked ALL day so we said no thank you.

     The last full day we were in Istanbul we ate supper at a fish restaurant which was under a bridge and had a nice view of the New Mosque (which is old, that’s weird…) Supper was good, we had fish (duh,) Johanna and Dad had grilled and Mom and I tried the fish casserole which was good, but it wasn't what we think of as casserole. One of the waiters served us, and he gave me this out of the dish:

Everybody laughed……
they laughed so hard that he took pity on me and gave me something else.

     When we left the head man of the establishment sent one of his crew to takes us to a spot nearby to get us a cab (or two ;)) On the way there, the waiter he, and Dad lead the way with Mom close behind and the three of us behind her. When we were almost there mom stopped and whispered to Johanna and I: “he’s trying to get in good with your Dad.” 
Then the NEXT day I found out that the waiter said to Dad and I quote: “you have beautiful daughters, you should give me one.”
My reaction: 0.0 WHAT?

Istanbul Part 2 (Hagia Sophia)

Well we got off the plane, got our luggage and went to the hotel in a taxi. We met Dad at the hotel and practically fell in to bed. The next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed JUST in time for the breakfast buffet. 

A Summary of Breakfast:

- I stated that I wanted to go back to bed
- Dad made several corny jokes
- I was reminded how the orange juice tastes here
- MJ & I drank Sam’s juice
- I was surprised that they had real bacon

After we got our cameras and fake flamingos we then vacated the premises, got 2 cabs (there is 5 of us and we don’t fit in one cab) and drove to the Hagia Sophia.  I made a video of the Sophia:

Istanbul Part 1 (Getting There)

I took some pictures on the plane from London, I was too tired to bother on the plane to London

 They have the CUTEST pop cans on the plane

 My meal, it tasted better than it looks
Dessert, I have no idea what this was. But it was tasty :)