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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cosplaying Hiccup Production Diary : Bracers - Shoulder Pieces

Sorry this has taken so long to put up, I completely forgot about it. Ah well, this post wasn’t in high demand anyways ;P

Shoulder armour and bracers were both really simple ( I thought) it really just consisted of cutting out the shapes and figuring out how they were supposed to go together. I’m feeling really lazy so here are a bunch of pictures:

This is a bracer being painted

Hand cover thing

Shoulder pieces went sorta like this:

 This is a shoulder piece, Note that you glue the CURVED edges together.

Easy peasy :)

If you have questions feel free to ask. I might remember how I did it. :P

Monday, May 4, 2015


Remember a long time ago when Johanna and I asked each other questions and then posted them to our blogs? Well it’s happening again!
Okay okay, let’s get started! *rubs hands together in excitement*

1    What is your favourite silly movie/book quote?
I have no idea, right now nothing comes to mind 0.o can I use a GIF? Does a GIF count? It isn't a quote but it is the best part of all the hobbit films. This part RIGHT HERE

2) Off the top of your head what crossover movie would you really like to see?
OH OH Agent Carter and Batman should hang out. Ehehehe vintage batman….wait how would that work?

3) A Man must be
a) swift as the coursing river
b) With all the force of a great typhoon
c) with all the strength of a raging fire
 d) Mysterious as the dark side of the moon
e) All of the above
 f) none of the above (if it is this one please tell me what he should be)
The only answer is all of them!!

4) Of all the theme songs from the tv shows you watched as a kid, which one's your favourite?
Lemme think…. I remember liking Clifford the Big Red Dog.

5) Please respond with a GIF to the following statements
  B) I do believe in fairies!
 C) Do you want to build a snowman?

6) What is your favourite kind of lamp?
The magic kind, of course! The genie and I would totally be epic together.
7) Prince _________ of the Southern Isles
Hansom #hesabitofafixerupper

Okay, slightly more serious questions now.
8) The most inspiring/encouraging video, post, picture, song you've seen/read/listened to in a while is:
Inspiring…. Um… I’ll have to come back to this.
Yup and I still don't know....

9) Your favourite serious movie is:
Serious!? I try to avoid serious! Does Second Hand Lions count? It’s pretty serious…

10) Which biblical character is your favourite and why?
I’m starting to like Joseph quite a bit, he always comes out on top, even though everything goes wrong.

Aaaand back to the fun stuff
11) Always be yourself unless you can be _____________
I think the posters say Batman, but I’m already Batman so….

12) I think, therefore I _____________
Should go draw something.

13) Shall I forego the linens?I'm a bit busy at the moment, what did you say?!

14) Would you rather have the inside of your house painted white and pink or black and white?
Hmm tough one there, which is the lesser of two evils? Probably black and white though….

15) And finally, What is your most favouritest song right now?
SO glad you asked!! Right now I have Wild Heart by The Vamps and She Ain’t You by New Hollow perpetually stuck in my head.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cosplaying Hiccup: Production Diary body armour

 I must admit, this was really hard, but after two false starts I got something I like. I started out (right after making the helmet) trying to craft everything out of plain craft foam. Needless to say that did NOT go well. I didn’t have a dress form and the foam was (in a word) crap.
So I dropped the project and decided that all I was going to make was the helmet. However, I eventually came back to the project, this time armed with a little more knowledge and some different materials.

Confession: I had to make the armour twice because I messed up the paint job on the first one. Some of the pictures are from the first, some are from the second. It shouldn’t really matter ‘cause they both turned out basically the same shape. 

Can't really post about Hiccup without posting a picture of Hiccup.

I used a yoga mat for this project. 

Okay, so I started out by cutting my pieces out of the mat. I used a pattern I made for a pattern drafting course, but I think you could use a t-shirt insteadl. Just make sure that it
A. Doesn’t have too much stretch (if the shirt is stretchy it will not turn out right, foam doesn't stretch)
B. You add an inch around the t-shirt. Better cut too large than too small

The two pieces on the right are the front. The piece on the left is half the back. If you look at the pictures you’ll notice it's split with a triangular dorsal-fin thing in between the pieces.

Once the pieces were cut out I got out my iron. To give the matt the texture of leather I used crumpled up tin foil and some parchment paper. Doing this also helps to heat seal the foam.

The next thing is to seal with glue (I used some sort of plain white glue… I can’t read Turkish) and once it’s dry, paint. I used some sort of black acrylic paint (again, can’t read Turkish) Ideally you’re supposed to seal it after with clear glue or something. But ain’t nobody got time for that!

Then I sewed it together using yarn and a GIANT needle. I used little scissors to make holes in the foam for my needle to pass through. Though you can’t really see it, I criss-crossed the yarn to make little X’s.

It was during this process that I made the armour fit me better. It was really easy because I had a dress form. I also added some darts at the bottom and around the arm holes, because, unlike Hiccup I am not shaped like a noodle.


I used a belt buckle for the straps.

Up close of the shoulder strap. Googley eyes for rivets.

I traced something circular and then drew the dragon design free hand while looking at a picture. I ironed them, painted them, and then glued them together with hot glue.

Though Hiccup’s armour has a bit of a stand up collar, I decided to not put one on. Artistic Licence and all ;)

I think that’s everything… I’ll be back eventually with something on the bracers and shoulder pads!

Monthly Report Card: May 2015 GOALS

Wooooooo! It’s FINALLY May! I’ve been feeling like it was May for the past month. Now it’s finally heeerrreee! May means hot weather, swimming, sour green plums, and lots and lots of neighbours O.o

Post about making my Hiccup Cosplay
I’m almost done writing ½ posts I plan to…. Post.

Take a picture a day
This has been going really well, I haven’t missed a day in almost two weeks! We’ll see how long I can keep this up :P

Read a book
I haven’t been doing much of this lately.

Finish math
Almost there! Just a whole lot of tests, corrections and placement tests for next year.

I think that’s it… :)

Monthly Report Cards: April 2015 REPORT

April was a great month, finally some nice weather and TURTLES!

Finish Hiccup’s armour
I spent a huge amount of time on this project this month. I am pleased to say that I got a lot done (like the entire upper half). I’ll give myself an A+ for this one.

Practice gesture drawing
I thought that this would be a big thing for me, but after I wrote this post I never gave it a second thought. I’ve been busy this month doing…. Something.

Practice drawing faces
Once again, never thought about it again.

Heyyy 1/3 is okay ish, right? Oh well, I did a bunch of other fun things instead. For instance: For the last week or so I’ve been uploading daily to my Flickr. In spite of my 365 challenge (take a picture everyday) this is the first time I’ve managed to do it.