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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reasons to Love: Cinderella 2015 vs Ever After

I was just looking at my posts and I realised that I really haven't been posting very much. Not that it matters, but since I have some time, I thought I'd put together another installment of my favourite series.
*Announcer voice*
 This week on Reasons to Love, we're doing something new. Instead of just listing some reasons that I like certain movies, we're comparing and contrasting two different movies. This time it's going to be the new live action Cinderella and Ever After, which is literally as old as I am. (1998 was the year of fantastic, yet under-appreciated things. HAHHAHAHA. Kidding.) Bother are based of the classic fairy tale of the Little Cinder Girl. But which one gives you more reasons to love it?

1. Transformation

 The transformation in Cinderella is pretty sweet.

Ever After however does not rely on magic, and thus there is no transformation scene.


2.  Evil Stepsisters
A pet peeve of mine is that the stepsisters always wear the same clothes.

Well done, Ever After, the stepsisters are two completely different women.

Cinderella....well you see my point (not a GIF)


3. Character of the heroine

Ella is kind to the point of being a door mat.

Danielle has things under control.

Okay, I'll just carry the prince then. No problem. 
Heck, and later she saves herself. No prince required for that, thanks.


4. Step Mother

While I like Ever After's Villainess (who has eyebrows to rival Elrond),

I love Cinderella's. She is elegant, selfish and she wears grief wonderfully well. I also like how she is almost  a sympathetic antagonist. Her happily ever after is snatched away from her when her husband dies. She thinks she has an opportunity to start another one with Ella's father, but he's so caught up in his daughter and the ghost of his wife that he neglects her. Of course, she could have handled the situation better, but I still love her.


5. What about side characters?

In Cinderella, extra characters are pretty slim. Unless you count Mr. Goose.
I can't drive, I'm a goose (Cinderella 2015)
"I can't drive, I'm a goose!"
Who is priceless (and also speaks my favourite line of the movie. Next time you need a chauffeur this is what I'm saying)

OH Wait, how could I forget the captain?

Ever After has DaVinci who is THE BEST

And the maids are pretty great too

This is a really tough call, but I'm going to have to go with Ever After.

6. How about fathers in-law?

Ever After's Prince Henry and his dad have a few issues...

So do Kit and his father, but they have a better relationship

This is also a tough call, but I'm going to say EVER AFTER

7. Costumes

 Cinderella is written as a fairy tale, so the costumes are EPIC.

Ever After is period, but I don't love it as much.


8. Princes

Ever After's Henry has a bit of a dramatic flair

Kit is good, but he's perfect. Which is great for this fairy tale. But what happens when you hide his shampoo?

Henry is written as a very real, three dimensional character. Because of this, he kind of freaks out when he finds that Danielle is not of noble birth.
Ever After ~ Part 10
"Henry, please."

Kit, knows all along and decides that it's no big deal.


9. Funny scenes?

Ever After's DaVinci once again takes the cake, mister "perhaps I should leave walking on water to the Son of God..."  Nice boat shoes, though. They'll be hot next season.

Cinderella has the lizard footmen, who speaks my second favourite line in the film. "I'm only a lizard!"  (not a GIF)
(Also the lizard footmen are kind of frightening.)
Image result for cinderella 2015 lizard man


The final score? Ever After 6 Cinderella 3. Both are wonderful movies, but I think Ever After has more things to love.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Monthly Report Cards: December 2015 : GOALS

santa claws is coming to town -

It's December, that means my sister's birthday, Christmas,  & New Years Eve.
 Let the holidays begin!

Put the finishing touches on the Cinderella dress
If I get to this I'll have a blog post or two and a photo shoot 

Put the finishing touches on the Monster Project 
Unless I change my mind and change the plot (again) I have a bunch of little things to do

Listen to lots of Christmas Music
I made  a play list, but there's room for more, what are your favourite Christmas tunes?

Do a bunch of the things on my Christmas to do List
I made a list, and by golly I'ma gonna cross off those things
(Especially making eggnog and brownies. Very Important)

Monthly Report Cards: November 2015 : REPORT

I only had one goal this month, and I'm proud to say that I completed it with flying colours. My Monster Project now has 50,000 words!! I feel like it’s mostly done now, all it needs is some tweaking in places and a careful round or two of Spell Check ;)

Though I was editing and not technically doing NaNoWriMo I made my self a certificate anyways. The story I have now is extremely different from the one I had in June, so I think I'm justified! I'll be back in a snap with some goals for December.
- Nicole