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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Collage Art! or Advanced Colouring

If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed that I’ve been pinning Disney colouring pages. Well, it’s because I have a project. I’ve wanted try the technique in this video ever since I saw it before Christmas.
The basic idea is that you take a drawing and instead of colouring it with markers (etc.) you use patterned paper.
Because I’m lazy and didn’t feel like drawing, I decided to use a colouring page instead of an original sketch.
Rapunzel and Flynn worked out so well that I decided to make another & a step-by-step blog post. 
‘Cause I can. 

Scrapbook paper & markers
(The colour I used for their skin was too pink so I went over it with some watercolour.)

Start by choosing a simple drawing or colouring page. I found my pages via Pinterest.
This particular drawing can be found here
Once you've printed your page trace the design onto card or bristol board using a light box or window.
(WHOA my hand looks freaky. It'll probably haunt my dreams now...)

Once you're happy with the traced outline go over the pencil in WATERPROOF pen/marker.
(Using waterproof pens is ESSENTIAL if you're going to use water based markers or watercolours at any point.)

Okay, now trace the parts you want coloured onto the scrapbook paper.

If the scrapbook paper is too thick and you can't see the drawing underneath you can always put the print on top of the paper and cut it out. I had to do this with the Beast's jacket.

Alright! Now you can colour in whatever you aren't going to cover with scrapbook paper.
Since I don't have a nice skin tone in marker
 I decided to use my water colours for their skin and hair.

Place the cutouts onto the bristol board tracing and make sure everything fits. 

Glue it all down with a your favourite craft glue.
 I personally like stick glue because it doesn't soak into the paper and make the paper wet.
After you glue everything down you can add details & shading.
Keep the colouring page near for this!
Because the watercolours didn't work with the scrapbook paper I used my water based markers for the shadows.

 You're done.

Can I just say that this project is SO MUCH FUN and that I'm going to go make twenty more?
'Cause I am.

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