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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Monthly Report Cards: December 2015 REPORT

It's now 2016? Really? Okay...

Put the finishing touches on the Cinderella dress
I did not do this. I actually just took the dress off the mannequin and put it under my bed.

Put the finishing touches on the Monster Project 
HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, no. I tried editing, but I really just need to give the project some space, think about other things. (In other news, the project turned one year old yesterday!)

Listen to lots of Christmas Music
I listened to some, and it was gooooood :)

Do a bunch of the things on my Christmas to do List
I did everything on my list! That's pretty great, I think I have a perfect (nearly perfect) record with completing the things on the lists I make. 

Okay, so I pretty much failed this month. That's okay I guess, maybe I'll manage next month better.

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